Stop Bad Bots Joomla

Stop Bad Bots Joomla


Stop Bad Bots is a Joomla  Extension (component)  to improve security and stop Bad Bots from stealing you.

To install this Component, you need Joomla 3.9 or newer. 

Useful links to get you started on Joomla Installation:

Our extension doesn't block Google Bot and Microsoft Bot (Bing).


Joomla Extensions  (Components, Plugins, Themes, etc...) are composed of scripts that extend the functionality of Joomla.

The installation of this component is similar to all the other Joomla Component.

When you install Stop Bad Bots Component, it will be installed also Stop Bad Bots Plugin automatically. 

You need to keep both activated.

You can find more plugin's info in this link.


After install, go to Menu:

Component => Stop Bad Bots

Click the Options Tab, at the top right corner.

Click the Test Mode Option

Click Save and Close.

Before to change from Test Mode to Yes, please, read this:

Maybe not all bots are bad for you. You need to manage the bots table.

Open the page Bad Bots Table (under Components Menu  => Stop Bad Bots) and take a look at Default Bots Table. If you wish, you can turn off some. (Just Mark and Edit - unselect the checkbox  Bot State  - ). Our Component will create a table with more than 4700 Bots. You can see how many times each bot was blocked at the column Num Blocked. Click the title (Num Blocked) to order by.

Check the bot’s table frequently, especially in the first days. Confirm if you want to block all that bots. Maybe you want to unblock Baidu, Yandex, Seznam, or another search engine in your language or some social sites or some useful bot for you.
If you use RSS FEED services, probably they have their bot to read your feeds. Remember to deactivate their bot. Same thing if you create some smartphone APP.

If you need more info about each bot, visit our site (page Bots Table)

StopBadBots it is a powerful tool. Then, like all powerful tools, it is necessary to use carefully.




You can manage the Bots Table:

1) Add New Bots.

  • Just click the New button.
  • Fill out the Form
  • Click Save and Close

Be careful. If you include, for example, a new Bot named bot, then all user agents with the word bot include will be blocked. Included Google Bot.


2) Edit (deactivate) Bots

  • Mark the Record
  • Edit (unmark the check Box Bot Stat)
  • Click Save and Close




You can remove our Stop Bad Bots Component and plugin as any other Joomla component.

You can learn more on this Joomla Link:


Should you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please you can submit a support ticket. (guest ticket available)

When creating a support ticket, try to explain as clearly as you can the issue you are having and what you were trying to do when the problem occurred.

don't forget to provide the link to your site, wp-admin and FTP credentials. 
Our support guys will get back to you as soon as possible.

The StopBadBots support center works Monday through Friday.


Thanks a lot for using this extension. I hope you found this document helpful. Please support this product by giving your ratings and testimonial.

With best wishes

Bill Minozzi